Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yea! Sunburst Granny Squares:

Yea! I had twenty of these little squares left to make and I am proud to say, "Here they are." Now, I am on my way to finishing the rest. I can't wait until I am all done.

Happy Easter! For He is Risen!


  1. My goodness! Somehow I have missed several of your posts. Catching up right now, and wanted to say I love your squares! Love the colorfulness of them! :)

  2. Now you have a great collection of motifs. I am sure they are all going to look amazing when they are joined together. I am also working on a similar blanket, but with a dark background...but you are fsar more advanced than I am ;-)

  3. It has seemed like an endless project, but I am happy. Can't wait to see your project when it is done. Kathy