Tuesday, October 23, 2012


A Beautiful Heirloom From Past Generations:

 This is a bedspread that my Great Great Grandmother Rosa crocheted. I am so grateful to have this beautiful heirloom in my possession. It was passed down to my Great Grandmother, then my Grandmother and finally to me. I am so grateful to my Mother and Uncle for allowing me to keep it!
This is a picture of my Great Great Grandparents: John and Rosa Falcon. The original pictures sit in a collage frame with many other treasured pictures from my past.


  1. sweet treasures....you are very lucky.

  2. What a gorgeous bedspread. So many hours of love put into it. :)

  3. Maybe, I got my desire for crocheting from her. It is the craft that I love the most, but I will never be as good as her.

  4. What a wonderful heirloom to own!